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Semipallium fulvicostatum (Adams & Reeve, 1850)
FAMILY : Pectinidae
SUBFAMILY : Chlamydinae
TRIBE : Chlamydini
GENUS : Semipallium
Synonyms : Pecten luculenta Reeve, 1853


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Semipallium fulvicostatumSemipallium fulvicostatum

Palawan, Philippines

dived by local fishermen at 20 m depth

H. 28.2 mm - W. 25.5 mm

Sandakan area, E. Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia

dived under dead coral at 5-10 m depth

H. 29.2 mm - W. 24.7 mm

Semipallium fulvicostatumSemipallium fulvicostatum

Olango Isl., Philippines

dived at night at 25 m depth

H. 28.7 mm - W. 25.8 mm

Aitutaki, Cook Isl.


collection dr. Mike Hart