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Juxtamusium maldivense (Smith, 1903)
FAMILY : Pectinidae
SUBFAMILY : Pectininae
TRIBE : Decatopectinini
GENUS : Juxtamusium
Synonyms :  
wereldkaart Anguipecten picturatus


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Juxtamusium maldivenseJuxtamusium maldivense

Balicasag Isl., Bohol, Philippines

taken by tangle nets at 80 fms.

H. 25.5 mm - W. 24.6 mm

Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, Gulf of Aquaba

dived at 20 m depth, attached by its byssus under dead coral

H. 11.6 mm - W. 11.1 mm

Juxtamusium maldivenseJuxtamusium maldivense

S. Bohol, Balicasag Isl., Philippines

taken by tangle nets at 80-150 fms.

H. 20.7 mm - W. 19.8 mm

Calitoban Isl., Bohol, Philippines

taken by diver at 15-20 m depth under coral slabs

H. 28.2 mm - W. 26.4 mm

Juxtamusium maldivense

Mactan Isl., Cebu, Philippines

taken by diving at 15-20 m

H. 23.5 mm - W. 22.4 mm