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Anguipecten superbus (Sowerby II, 1842)
FAMILY : Pectinidae
SUBFAMILY : Pectininae
TRIBE : Decatopectinini
GENUS : Anguipecten
Synonyms :  


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Abguipecten superbusAnguipecten superbus

off Kaw-oi, Calitoban Isl., Bohol, Philippines

dived at 30 m depth

H. 63.0 mm - W. 59.4 mm

Seragaki, Okinawa, Japan

dredged from 120 ft deep on sand and rock bottom

H. 59.6 mm - W. 51.8 mm

Anguipecten superbus

Ryu Kyus Isl., Seragaki, Okinawa, Japan

under coral rubble at 120 ft depth

H. 52.4 mm - W. 47.8 mm